Thermal Cameras – Fever Detection for Covid 19 Mitigation

COVID 19 Impact Mitigation

We are helping businesses and public sector organisations mitigate the spread of COVID-19 with a range of thermographic screening solutions. These solutions can quickly and easily identify individuals with a fever that may be symptomatic of COVID-19.

We can support with solutions across all verticals, ranging from healthcare, identifying potential COVID-19 sufferers as they enter the hospital to business headquarters preparing for the return of large numbers of employees to their offices in order to protect employees and visitors.

We want to help protect the nation and support the country getting back to work by being able to isolate any individuals potentially suffering from COVID-19 and reduce the spread of the virus in crowded venues whether it’s public spaces or retail stores.

Solutions for all Environments

How Thermal Screening Can Help


Highly Effective

Thermal temperature detection is a highly effective means of detecting individuals during outbreaks, critical for early identification and the prevention of further transmission


Limiting Contact

With real-time video streaming capability, users have a perfect standoff fever detection solution, ideal for remote locations and when limiting human contact is essential.


Audio & Visual Alerts

HD images can be provided and sound alarms can be triggered when a specific temperature threshold is exceeded.


Centralised or Standalone

Can be deployed as a standalone system or as part of a network deployed system feeding back to a centralised command and control location.

Scan for Temperature / Fever

Measure within 0.3 degrees the temperature of people passing the camera.

Fully Automated

The software scans, measures temperature and alerts if there are issues.

Maintain Social Distancing

You are able to scan people from a safe distance and ensure safety guidelines are followed

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Suitable for all Locations

Ideal for – Offices, Building Sites, Factories, Hotels, Stations, Schools, Shopping Centres, Airports, Hospitals & many more.

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